You Need to Check Out This Percussive, Mysterious Trailer for ‘The Frame’

By  · Published on August 14th, 2014

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A few years ago I was astonished by an indie trailer that showed up in my inbox like a doorstep orphan with cool visual effects. The movie was Ink from Jamin Winans, and it turned out to be a rough around the edges, modern fairytale with a fascinating palette (and, yes, cool visual effects). Winans has continued to impress with short films, but even though he had open channels into Hollywood after Ink, he decided to stick with financing projects on his own. Why? To retain final cut. And because he loves working 120-hour weeks.

His style sometimes feels like a mainstream adventurer by way of Shane Carruth, but this trailer for his latest film, The Frame, looks like something David Fincher slashed together. Dark, percussive and angry, it shows off microseconds of intriguing shots without giving us the first idea of what the story is. A perfect teaser trailer. Absolutely thrilling and interest-tugging.

But I don’t think Winans will even give a clear plot synopsis until after he’s released the movie. Presumably, a full trailer for the film will be just as enigmatic.

Check out the trailer for The Frame:

Fantastic. Epileptic, but fantastic.

The trailer itself is a nice bit of experimental filmmaking, providing a powerful sense of emotion through shortcuts, driving keyboard notes and a dude melting into a puddle. I’m also enthusiastic about any production that refuses to even describe its movie, leaving us no option but to take a chance on being surprised. Maybe we’ll be let down, or maybe we’ll be blown away.

The Frame is hitting theaters sometime in the fall. To keep current, join the film’s Facebook page for updates.

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