Yet Another ‘Back to the Future’ Documentary Is Coming, This One About the Tech of 2015

By  · Published on April 15th, 2014

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Pretty soon, there’ll be a whole genre of documentaries just about or related to Back to the Future. Among the fandom-based projects that show up on crowdfunding sites, Robert Zemeckis’s time travel trilogy seems to be tied to the most. There are the successfully Kickstarter-funded DeLorean-focused films Back in Time and DeLorean: Living the Dream, and there are the less successful, such as the Indiegogo-hosted The Time Machinists. I’m sure I’ve spotted more out there, and yet we haven’t seen any show up as finished and released yet. Maybe they’re all waiting for 2015? The latest, titled Back to the Future Again,is also aiming for next year, specifically because it’s about the technology “promised” for 2015 by Back to the Future Part II.

This one is on Kickstarter with a goal of £403,160 ($675,365.73), which is the highest amount for this lot. More than half of that budget, though, goes directly to licensing clips and music from the movie in order to properly illustrate their comparison of what 2015 is supposed to look like, based on the movie’s estimation, and what it actually looks like. The rest goes toward making the doc itself, which will explore how far off we are from BTTF2’s technology. When will we have flying cars and and self-lacing sneakers and hoverboards and hydrators, etc.? Back to the Future Again will also tackle the culture of the movie’s 2015, too, by talking to fashion designers about not just the science behind Marty Jr.’s footwear and clothes but also the style itself. I can’t wait to hear how far off we are from getting double neckties.

Do we need a movie to go through all that stuff? Our own Kevin Carr recently devoted his Movie Truth column to telling us how accurate the future is in Back to the Future Part II. But we can admit it’s more fun with all the visual aids. Plus, Back to the Future Again already has some great interviews lined up with the right people, including the movie’s screenwriter (Bob Gale), costume designer (Joanna Johnston — now an Oscar nominee for Lincoln), art director (Marjorie McShirley), the special effects supervisor (Michael Lanieri — now an Oscar winner for Jurassic Park) and the visual effects art director, who was responsible for the 2015 world building (John Bell). Then there’ll also be experts not associated with the making of the movie chiming in on the real logistics.

Back to the Future Again will be directed by unknown British filmmaker John Plaskett, whose five-year-old short film Against All Odds can be seen on YouTube. If his work there isn’t assurance, at least his campaign indicates that he’s doing all the right pre-production work. Plus, the pledge for a download of the doc and a t-shirt that says, “It’s 2015! Watch out for flying Deloreans,” isn’t too pricey if you’re a big enough fan of the BTTF franchise. Check out the Kickstarter video below for more info on this doc, which looks to be ready by January if all the incentive estimations are correct.

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