Yes We Can: Original ‘Evil Dead’ Coming to Theaters

By  · Published on December 1st, 2009

What would you say if I said I haven’t seen The Evil Dead,….yet? What does the word “yet” mean to you?

Of course I have seen the movie. Several times. Probably too many to count on one hand (read: six), but I’ve never had a chance to see it on the big screen which is why I’m insanely happy that it’s coming to a theater near me.

According to Killer Film (via Bloody Disgusting), Sam Raimi’s original horror classic is going to be seeing a silver screen revival. Check to see if your town made the list!

January 8–9:
Uptown Theatre, Minneapolis

January 15–16:
Esquire Theatre, Denver

January 29–30:
Sunshine Cinema, New York

February 5–6:
Egyptian Theatre, Seattle

February 19–20:
River Oaks Theatre, Houston

February 26–27:
Inwood, Dallas

March 5: Nuart Theatre,
Los Angeles

May 22
Hudson Horrorshow
Poughkipsie, NY

Did it? Did it make the list??

I sincerely hope so, but it looks like I’ll be driving to Houston unless Austin makes the next round of selected cities. That’s right. There’s more.

Since I sadly missed the musical version of this Cabin in the Woods celebration of blood and loud noises, this announcement makes me exceedingly happy to be alive.

I have a feeling that we’re starting to pull ourselves out of the recession everybody. I’m no market analyst (despite a Masters in Economics), but I think that showing a tree raping someone from two decades ago in theaters again was one of Keynes’s benchmarks of a healthy, stable economy.

Pretty sure.

On a sidenote: Ten cool points to the commenter who will inevitably post, “That High Fidelity reference is wrong. This post is bullshit.”

What do you think? I know! I’m excited, too!

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