Yes, There’s a Comedy Web Series About a Man Trying to Kill His Baby

By  · Published on March 3rd, 2015

Kill The Baby has the kind of premise that’s perfectly divisive. It lets you know right away whether you want to watch it or not because, well, it involves aggressive infanticide attempts. It’s also ridiculously funny. Obviously the humor is pitch black. No light escapes. I also don’t have any kids, and I can’t tell whether that allows me to enjoy it or whether it means I can’t enjoy it fully.

The series is focused on a father driven mad by his crying child. He plots to murder the infant while revealing himself to be totally bonkers for other reasons. Essentially, his mind turns to killing at every little irritation. To put it simply, do not get this guy’s drive-thru order wrong.

The spectre of the real-world parallel may be too much for some, but the dark balance of the show works mostly because David Geis is a huggable teddy bear of a man who can grows crazy eyes on a dime. They’ve also wisely given his inner monologue a separate voice – the gravel-chewing Demorge Brown – so there’s a bit of separation between the bumbling idiot who easily loses focus and the raving lunatic taking up residence in his mind.

It’s also whip-fast and frantic at a five-minute short film pace. Editing serves the comedic timing well. It flashes furiously between a black and white reality (which plays out a bit like if the Pink Panther was trying to end a toddler) and Dad’s colorful imagination – what he’ll say to the police, how he’ll seduce his sister, etc. Like I said, the guy is crazy. He’s also completely, wondrously inept. This is the darkest timeline for Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

Writer/directors Ariel Gardner and Alex Kavutskiy have a singular, bizarre treasure on their hands. If you like it, you can watch episode two here.

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