Year In Review: The 10 Best Trailer Mashups of 2013

By  · Published on December 17th, 2013

Trailer mashups are a beautiful diversion. On the surface they’re frivolous, but they also manage to re-contextualize the familiar and shine a blinding bulb on thematic similarities. You might get fired for watching them all day (come on, Mr. Danforth!), but there’s a deep power in connecting two seemingly incongruous films or accentuating the copycat nature of tentpoles. There’s a wacky romance to be found in Gravity, a steampunk spectacle in an animated world, adorable Pixar revenge and much more to be discovered.

If you watch all of this year’s best, you’ll be overwhelmed with the patterns – not just in the plotting, but also in trailer construction. There’s a bit less Brrrrrwwaaaaaaam this time around, but the hero’s journey is still thriving alongside the explosions. You’ll also notice that pretty much no one makes trailers for Stories We Tell or 12 Years a Slave. Blockbusters are the key targets, and mixing them up with animation and nostalgia seems to be more popular than ever. Oh, and Wall-E. Trailer mashup artists love that damned thing.

We like to have fun with trailers here at FSR. Even if we over-think them, hopefully you’ll find something to ponder with our favorites of 2013. Or maybe you’ll just laugh a lot before Mr. Danforth fires you. The guy is ruthless. I think his marriage is on the rocks or something.

At any rate, and without further ado: Brrrrrwwaaaaaaam.

10. Man of Iron: Into Darkness

9. Old Boy Side-By-Side

8. Incredible Steel

7. Bullitt Fast and Furious

6. Wall-ysium

5. The Great Korra Gatsby

4. Wall-E-Blivion

3. Iron Story

2. Powerpuff Rim

1. Carriella

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