X-Men Origins: Wolverine Promo Will Rip Your Damned Head Off


As if it weren’t already one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, Fox is planning an all-out blitz ad campaign that sees the first volleys this weekend. On it’s very own station, FOX, If you’re watching “Family Guy” on Sunday, “House” on Monday, and “American Idol” on Tuesday, you’ll see three different 60-second ad spots for the upcoming film.

This is pretty genius. As you’ll note, the three shows that they are advertising with have radically different audience bases. I assume this means we’ll get three trailer/promotional spots that are tailor-made for each audience – something for the males aged 18-35, something for the broad swath that watches Hugh Laurie solve the same medical case every week, and something for the giant population who watches “American Idol.”

Curiously, despite billions of people who watch that show, I’ve never met anyone who admits to it.

Digressions aside, here’s teaser video to whet your appetite for destruction:

More Promo Photos:




Source: 20th Century Fox

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