‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Instagrams Its First Footage, Promises a Real Trailer Soon

With Marvel Studios dropping a full trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier earlier today, it isn’t likely that the other studios are going to be able to do much to speak above the sound of all the buzz they’ve created for a while. That hasn’t stopped Fox from trying to steal a couple headlines by putting up the first footage from Bryan Singer’s upcoming mutant epic X-Men: Days of Future Past though. Those marketers over there are scrappy.

Before you get too excited about all of the inevitable mutant on sentinel mayhem that this movie is going to contain, know that we’re not yet getting a real trailer for the film. Instead, this is just a few seconds of sizzle footage put out on an Instagram video, which some may find to be so much of a tease that it annoys rather than arouses. For others though, the hunger for more mutant movies is so strong that we’ll take whatever we can get, and these few seconds do provide some tasty morsels. Decide which side of the fence you come down on, and then proceed accordingly.

It’s hard to say exactly what all they’ve just shown us there, but it’s clear that government forces are amassing, Magneto is predictably coming into conflict with them, a bunch of familiar faces are screaming out in either anger or pain, and – hey – it looks like they gave us a second of the sequence where Wolverine gets sent back in time too.

For a better idea of how epic in scope this movie is going to be or how closely it’s going to resemble the classic X-Men story it took its name from, come back on October 29, because that’s when Fox has promised the full trailer. And if you’ve got some questions to ask the director, they’re also promoting that you can join him for a Twitter chat on October 28 using the hashtag #AskSinger. Fun times are ahead for fans of Marvel’s merry mutants. Not likely for the mutants themselves, they’re all going to die or get thrown in prison camps, but for the fans.

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