‘Wrong’ Trailer Makes a Story About a Lost Dog Weirder Than You Could Ever Imagine

‘Wrong’ Trailer Makes a Story About a Lost Dog Weirder Than You Could Ever Imagine

With his last film, Rubber, French director Quentin Dupieux proved that he could make a movie that has an inanimate object serving as its main character and have it not only refrain from being completely ridiculous, but actually turn out kind of moody and interesting. His tale of a serial-killing tire wasn’t exactly high art, but it wasn’t the sort of non-self-aware schlock that you might expect from a film with such a ludicrous plot description either. So it’s interesting to see that his new project, Wrong, takes a completely mundane plot and seems to inject it with more craziness than you could shake a stick at.

On its surface, Wrong is the story of a man (Jack Plotnick) who loses and then goes on a quest to recover his dog. But, if the film’s new trailer is any indication, said quest doesn’t go at all how he imagined it would. What results is a mind-bending mixture of comedy and thriller that doesn’t seem like it should work on the page, but which looks interesting enough that you have to hope Dupieux has what it takes to pull it off.

Wrong features dogs riding buses, William Fichtner sporting a Jedi Padawan braid, poo inspection, a girl as cute as Alexis Dziena delivering pizzas, attempts at communicating with animals telepathically, and a dude getting buried alive. That’s a lot of stuff to cram into one story, especially one that starts off with a dog owner driving around his neighborhood holding a squeak toy. Is it all too silly to work in the end? Probably not. Kate Erbland seemed to like it enough when it played Sundance.

The film has yet to get a distribution deal in the United States, but it’s still taking its tour of the festival circuit, so there might be hope yet to get it into theaters.

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