Woody Allen and Sony Classics: Whatever Works

The U. S. rights to Woody Allen’s latest film Whatever Works have been bought by Sony Pictures Classics. The comedy is set in New York City. It’s a return to Allen’s old haunt after years of making films over seas.

The film is about the complications that arise in a relationship between an older man and a younger woman, something the director has some personal knowledge of.  Larry David, in what used to be the Woody Allen role,  plays the older man who is romancing Evan Rachel Wood.

I’ll say upfront, Woody, give it a rest. I know, I know. The film might be brilliant! It might be the best thing ever. But 60 year old Larry David and 20 year old Evan Rachel Wood? Can we please jettison the fantasies of the older male? Please? Maybe Allen has found a new twist, a new way of looking at this reflection of his own life. And I guess after Wood’s fling with Marilyn Manson an on screen fling with Larry David won’t be so vomit inducing as I think it will be. But I doubt it.

For the record, the film also stars Henry Cavill, I suspect as the younger man who threatens the “bliss” between David and Wood, Ed Begley Jr., Patricia Clarkson and Kristen Johnston.

So, you out there.  Are you ready for some lovin’ between Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood? Or do you think motion picture sickness bags should be provided to the audience?

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