Wonderful Times: Artist Scott C. Heads to MondoCon 2016


A preview of this weekend’s geek artfest in Austin, TX.

The Goldblums by Scott C.

Here at Film School Rejects, we are longtime fans of artist Scott Campbell, best known as Scott C. (@scottlava on Twitter). He’s one of a number of great artists we’ve discovered through the publishing powerhouse that is Mondo. It helps that we’re based here in Austin, home of Mondo, its parent company The Alamo Drafthouse, and for the third year in a row, MondoCon, an annual gathering of artists and fans to celebrate movies, art, comics, toys, and great food served out of a truck.

For those looking for a bit more history of MondoCon and its experience, I’d recommend my column from 2014 in which I became very inebriated and accosted several of my favorite artists. This year, MondoCon will feature not only the art of some of its longtime collaborators, it will also feature a number of special events. This includes a special screening of The Fountain with composer Clint Mansell on hand for a Q&A to celebrate the film’s 10th anniversary. They will also screen – and deliver new posters for – A Clockwork Orange, Enter the Dragon, and a Mystery Movie.

As for Scott C., he’s heading to MondoCon with some delightful new artwork that will appear to anyone who lives life with a smile. As we learned back in 2013 when he was a guest on The Broken Projector, Scott C. is one of those artists whose work is deeply celebratory and optimistic, even if a lot of it is about The Great Showdowns. Below, we have a gallery of some of the work he’s bringing to MondoCon this year and a brief Q&A.

The Pins, The After Party, and The Vests

First, tell me about the new things you’re bringing to MondoCon. I saw that you posted on Twitter about some adorable new Pins. What else can fans expect and was there a specific theme you were working with?

Yes, I will have some adorable new pins! A helicopter dog, a skeleton in robes, a puffy unicorn, and of course a little Slimer! I will also have a few new prints, one will be called “The Vests” depicting some famous vest wearing people. Another will be called “The After Party” in which some spirits meet up for some drinks after a big battle. I will also have a bigger print inspired by a recent show that I been obsessed with along with most people on this earth, that print will be called “Forest of Things”. I will also, have shirts and tote bags and books and other sorts of prints. I was working with the theme “wonderful times”, which is a theme I live by most days.

On the subject of themes, I’ve noticed that there is a bit of evolution happening in your art in recent months – perhaps longer. You’re still doing all kinds of fun Showdowns, but there seem to be a lot more familial pieces, like The Goldblums, your Cantina Tables series, and my personal favorite: Tum Tum. Is this something you’ve been actively working on, or just the natural evolution of your interests?

I’ve always enjoyed gathering characters together like that, but I do suppose my interests grow and change depending on what i’ve been exposed to or obsessed with. Star Wars has been an obsession for quite some time though. I find comfort in group scenes and if i like a character or actor, i sometimes like to gather a bunch of them together, like the Goldblums. I just like Jeff Goldblum and the characters he creates. I like seeing all the Goldblums in one place and appreciate them for being the Goldblums.

“It’s like an immense family gathering in which all of your aunts and uncles are unnaturally cool.”

Stranger Things by Scott C.

What has MondoCon meant for you, both as an artist and a fan?

I’ve been going to comic conventions since the early 90’s, first as a fan getting all my comics signed and then as i started to table with my own books and wares. But MondoCon has been very different experience for me. Even though, past cons have celebrated art just fine, Mondo Con is a celebration of the art and the artists in a way that I have never experienced. Mondo works with some incredible people. And I love all of these people! It’s like an immense family gathering in which all of your aunts and uncles are unnaturally cool.

We’ve seen the rise of many great outlets for pop culture-focused art in the last decade. Mondo, Bottleneck, Gallery 1988, the list goes on. How important has this been to your ability to grow both creatively and professionally as an artist?

My first pop culture inspired show was I Am 8Bit at Gallery 1988 in 2006, I believe. I have embarked on many pop culture inspired projects since then and these have led to some very satisfying collaborations and opportunities. It encourages me to celebrate the things that have influenced me and continue to influence me everyday. I hope to grow with all of these things, I mean, I don’t know. Every year new shows and films are released that just knock me on my tush and inspire me to tell my own stories and scenarios that will hopefully inspire others. And so it goes on and on until dawn.

Congrats on your new book XO, OX: A Love Story, which I know is coming out in hardcover in January. Beyond that, what else is on the horizon?

I’ve got a new art book in the works and another picture book in which I have painted the illustrations called Brobots Bedtime, written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen. I am also spending time creating concepts for the sequel to an old video game I art directed called Psychonauts. This one is tentatively called Psychonauts 2.

For more information, visit MondoTees.com. If you’re an FSR reader and you’re attending this year, feel free to come say hi if you see me around. I’ll be the one who drank too much of whatever high alcohol volume beer they’re serving and is hovering around Scott C.’s booth.

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