Women in Trouble: Carla Gugino Isn’t Wearing Any Underwear

Need a daily dose of hot women talking about whether or not they’re wearing underwear? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there is this brand new promo video for the upcoming comedy Women In Trouble, from director Sebastian Gutierrez. You might recognize this title, as it is one of the SXSW ’09 premieres that we became quite smitten with when it played here in Austin. In my review, I called it “a good, honest comedy driven by a cast completely comprised by women.” It’s not something you see every day in our machismo-centric world, which is what makes it so refreshing.

Since reviewing it, we’ve also had a chance to sit down with the lovely ladies and their director, as well as get Mr. Gutierrez to give us his Top 5 Favorite Films. So yeah, we’re shilling for this one a little bit – but it’s a damn fine film, so its not as if we’re leading you down a wayward path here, people.

Alas, lets all watch this new video, in which stars Carla Gugino and Adrianne Palicki talk about their underwear, or lack thereof…

Women in Trouble is in theaters in limited release November 13, 2009.

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