Wolverine’s Claws Aimed at a New Villain

Variety reports that the X-Men film spin-off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, will have another name set to star opposite Hugh Jackman. Since we already know a little about the script, it would be a matter of time until the part of William Stryker was cast. Since Stryker was played by Brian Cox in the second film of the franchise, the studio has reportedly found a younger actor to provide a face for Stryker.

Variety reports that Liev Schreiber will play a young William Stryker in the new Wolverine flick. However, this is not the biggest news for all the fanboys out there (myself included). Reportedly, director Gavin Hood will be shooting in not only Australia and New Zealand but also New Orleans. What does this mean? For anyone who knows anything about anything, our favorite card-throwing Cajun hails from New Orleans. Rejoice fans, Gambit will make it onto the screen. Casting speculation might lead me to point to Lost star Josh Holloway who was rumored to be playing Gambit at some point in the franchise.

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