Wolfman to Get New Nards With ‘Monster Squad’ Remake

By  · Published on March 18th, 2010

If you can remember all the way back to the year 2008, you might remember that we reported on a possible remake for Monster Squad being produced by Rob Cohen. If you can’t remember, here’s a link.

Reading it will essentially save you some time with the update. Apparently, according to Deadline (via ShockTilYaDrop), Cohen is still working on it and has the Platinum Dunes team behind him all the way. Yes, friends, that means that Michael Bay will be producing it.

If we consider that a good remake has to be true enough to the original while still delivering something new, this remake is going to have a tough road ahead of it.There are two things in its way:

  1. Fans of the original have major nostalgia glasses for it, meaning that a reboot will be under incredible scrutiny.
  2. Non-fans of the original (essentially people who haven’t heard of it) haven’t heard of it, and if it shares the quality of the first, it may have a tough time winning over audiences.

If that second note sounds like a dig, it isn’t (even though I’m not a fan of the original). It’s just a cult film, and cult films exist for a reason – a small following loves it dearly. That usually means that it didn’t resonate with a larger audience for whatever reason, and I think even die-hard fans of the original would agree that there’s a certain feel to the movie that requires a bit of love. Sort of like a stray werewolf.

So how does a production stay true to the original (while gaining new fans) while innovating (without alienating fans that already think the original is perfect)?

We’ll see if team Cohen and Platinum Dunes are up to the task.

Do you think they are?

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