Witch Switch: Adam Wingard’s ‘THE WOODS’ is Actually ‘BLAIR WITCH’

Lionsgate just pulled quite the switch-a-roo. Moments before Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s highly anticipated THE WOODS was scheduled to make its premiere at SDCC ’16, it was announced that the THE WOODS is actually BLAIR WITCH, the direct sequel to 1999’s groundbreaking THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Go ahead and take a moment to take that all in.

This is fascinating on a number of fronts. The simple fact of getting a direct sequel to one of the most important horror films of the last 20 years 17 years after its initial release is a big deal. Couple that with Wingard and Barrett, arguably the best director-writer tandem in the modern genre world, helming the project and that’s more than enough to get excited about. What blows my mind with all of this, however, is how Lionsgate somehow did this in secret while also doing it right in front of our eyes.

THE WOODS has been all the rage since trailers first hit the internet. I know people, smart people in the horror world, who were ready to call THE WOODS the best horror film of the year based on the trailer alone. Once the premiere was announced for SDCC ’16 that’s all anybody was talking about. Now we find out that all this talk, all this marketing has been for BLAIR WITCH, a sequel made in secret. Bravo, Lionsgate, bravo.

Lionsgate has also released the first official trailer for BLAIR WITCH, and much like THE WOODS, it looks awesome and incredibly scary. If you’re brave enough, give it a watch.

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