‘Willow Creek’ Trailer Thinks Bigfoot Might Really Be Out There


It wouldn’t be crazy to have the opinion that The Blair Witch Project already did about everything we need a found footage movie about people stumbling around in the woods looking for a legend to do. Heck, it wouldn’t be crazy to be of the opinion that the world doesn’t need another found footage horror movie of any kind, ever again, because of how thoroughly saturated we’ve been with them over the last decade or so.

No, thinking this way wouldn’t be crazy at all, so its understandable that some people might feel a reluctance to watch a trailer for a new found footage movie about the search for Bigfoot. But Willow Creek has a great argument to make for its existence, even though it’s another movie about people stumbling around in the woods scared, and even though its subject is as ridiculous and non-terrifying as the mythical Sasquatch. Said argument is that it’s the latest film from director of challenging and rewarding films World’s Greatest Dad and God Bless America, Bobcat Goldthwait, which instantly makes it of interest.

For those who haven’t quite caught up to the latest phase of his career, Goldthwait hasn’t been the crazy-talking standup comedian and star of the Police Academy films for a while. These days he’s a director of independent films that are notable for their wit, originality, dark subject matter, and ultra-low budgets. So chances are Willow Creek isn’t going to be the simple couple-goes-out-to-the-woods-and-gets-terrorized-in-their-tent found footage movie that its new trailer makes it appear to be.

No, chances are it’s going to be a lot weirder and more humorous than that, and chances are Goldthwait’s fascination with strange human behavior is going to lead to quite a bit of gold being captured on film via the interviews he does with real Bigfoot aficionados – interviews we get but a brief glimpse of in this new advertisement. So, by all means, watch the fairly pedestrian first ad for the film that seems to have been put together to catch the attention of fans of found footage horror films. But keep in mind that there are likely unseen layers of complexities hiding under the surface of this story that have yet to be hinted at. It wouldn’t be a Bobcat Goldthwait movie otherwise.

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