William Shatner and Twitter: Television’s Next Dynasty

William Shatner is planning on saying some shit. This will not be much of a change for him though, as the man can certainly talk. This time however, he will be joining the CBS sitcom based on the popular Twitter account Shit My Dad Says, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The online project of Justin Halpern has been optioned by the network after his Twitter profile (@shitmydadsays) accumulated over 1.17 million followers between August and the present. In early August, Halpern, 29, had moved back in with his parents in San Diego and decided to begin chronicling the interesting statements made daily by his 73-year old father.

Of course, I’m telling you things that you already know. Anyone who uses Twitter knows about Shit My Dad Says, and I think we can all agree that it’s pretty funny. Halpern deserves credit for the hilarious stream of consciousness, be it real or hyper-real. My guess is that there’s a little bit of fiction mixed in with the Twitter account, but sources close to Halpern have said that it’s all real – his father is just a strange guy.

As for Shatner and this television project, I like it. Even though it will clearly be the Two and Half Men version of Shit My Dad Says. CBS is a network that plays to a decidedly older audience (save for their excellent work on The Big Bang Theory), and this series will certainly be tailored for that audience. That means cutting out most of the vulgarity and changing the name, for starters. Shatner fits right in, as that audience is his people. They shop at Priceline.com like crazy. It’s also obvious that the show will take a safer turn in the fact that Will and Grace co-creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are producing the pilot. Again, very safe and generic, with a few bits of brilliance. That’s what is to be expected. That and Shatner, plenty of Shatner.

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