William H. Macy Finds Directorial Debut with ‘Keep Coming Back’

Macy Set for Directorial Debut

We love William H. Macy. Everyone does. Disliking William H. Macy is tantamount to disliking a chocolate-covered United States Constitution. Not only is the man one of the best working actors around today, he’s one of the only actors that flows seamlessly between the indie world, the studio Oscar Bait factory, and the big budget mass appeal garbage pile without losing any respect. In fact, when I saw that he was in Wild Hogs, I actually felt more respect for the man seeing that he can cash a paycheck and spend the next year making three quality indies.

And did I mention he had a voice role in “Batman Beyond?”

Now, Macy is taking his creative talents behind the camera for the first time with Keep Coming Back, a story of a shy man hitting up his local AA meetings in order to catch the eye of the Milla-Jovovich-of-his-dreams.

According to Variety, Milla Jovovich‘s character is a former stripper. Can’t go wrong with that. You also can’t go wrong with Macy taking on some acting duties alongside fellow fan favorite Steve Buscemi. Find a way to throw John Turturro into this thing, and it’ll be the cinematic equivalent to a chocolate-covered United States Constitution.

Clearly, I skipped dessert at breakfast, and I’ve run out clever similes.

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