Willem Dafoe Wants a Piece of ‘The Antichrist’

Willem DafoeHe’s played a green goblin, Nosferatu, and Jesus Christ. Now Willem Dafoe looks to hit for the cycle of controversial roles in Antichrist.

Dafoe will star alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, who stood out in 21 Grams and The Science of Sleep. The stars will play a couple who head off to an isolated cabin in the woods (Is there really any other kind in movies?) following their child’s death.

The psychological thriller/horror film’s budget is 11 million dollars, or the cost of a single tire for the Bat-Pod. No word yet if Gainsbourg, who is a pretty well-respected pop artist, will head up the soundtrack. They could get Ashlee Simpson, which would be truly horrific.

What do you think? What’s your favorite Willem Dafoe character?