Will Ferrell Is Two Face… No, Not That One

Will FerrellNow before anyone accuses me of sensationalizing the title of this post (I’m looking at you ‘joshjs’), this Two Face has nothing to do with Batman. Will Ferrell is not replacing Aaron Eckhart as the DA turned villain in the next installment of the DC juggernaut.  He was never considered for the role.  There is no connection whatsoever.  Although rumor has it Ferrell may portray piano-playing twins Chandell and Harry in Nolan’s third Batman outing…

Instead, the ballsuckers over at Variety are reporting that Ferrell is attached to star in a new dramedy called Two Face, about “a racist who, after a prank gone awry, develops a split personality.”  That’s the extent of the plot info provided which, refreshingly, is actually very little.  The most obvious assumption is that one of his personalities “is” black, Asian, Jewish, etc., although I’m not sure how much humor can be mined from this premise.  Think All of Me, but instead of Steve Martin possessed by Lily Tomlin, you’d have the equivalent of Mel Gibson controlled by… well, Lily Tomlin.

Two Face is written by Vince Gilligan who most recently was credited with the Hancock rewrite.  Lest you judge him too harshly though, he’s also been a writer for two excellent TV shows, “The X-Files” and “Breaking Bad”.  The film is still director-less, although the producers hope to start filming before Ferrell joins Sacha Baron Cohen in their untitled Sherlock Holmes comedy.

Do you think that, even though we’ve explained the difference here, people will still think this film has something to do with Batman?

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