Will Collin Chou be a Ninja Assassin?

Collin Chou

MTV’s Movie Blog recently sat down with actor Collin Chou — better known as Seraph from The Matrix trilogy. Although he didn’t have many details, he mentioned that he’d be working again with The Wachowskis soon which might indicate he’ll play a part in Ninja Assassin, their next project after Speed Racer.

Currently, James McTeigue (who acted as First Assistant Director for all three Matrix films and sat in the director’s chair for their follow up, V for Vendetta) is slated to direct the martial arts film with Korean pop star and actor Rain taking top billing.

Whether Chou was specifically referring to Assassin is up in the air. He’ll next be seen alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li in The Forbidden Kingdom which comes out in April. Assassin will tentatively begin shooting this spring in Berlin.

Of course, if Chou isn’t referring to Ninja Assassin, the Wachowski Brothers may have another martial arts trick up their sleeve for audiences to look forward to.

Source: MTV Movies Blog