Why So Serious Gets Another Update — The Joker Wants You, Again!

The extremely creative and intricate viral marketing campaign for Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight took another big step forward over the past week or so. It began with a pumpkin that had a lit candle inside. Then the candle’s flame began to dwindle and one half of the pumpkin began to rot away. We can only assume that this is some sort of metaphor for the deterioration of Harvey Dent, something that takes place in the film.

Earlier this evening I got a note from my good friend Vic over at ScreenRant.com, who has been keeping a close eye on the pumpkin. It appears that not only has the pumpkin been removed this evening, but it has been replaced with the following:


It appears to be another riddle, courtesy of our good friend The Joker (played in the film by Heath Ledger). The puzzle pieces above the note have instructions that are city specific. For instance:


I have not had time to sit there and read every single one of the “instructions”, but I am yet to find one formy town, Columbus, Ohio. If you should find one, please let me know and I will surely go do it. As for what all of this means or what the letter says once all the pieces are in place, I am not yet sure. Although I am certain that my good friend Pete at /film will have the cypher knocked out by tomorrow at the latest. That’s just how he roles. You can do some deciphering yourself over at WhySoSerious.com.

As for The Dark Knight footage or any footage of The Joker, we are still on hold for the IMAX release of I Am Legend in December, where as we reported previously, the first 5 minutes of the The Dark Knight will precede Will Smith fighting off some vampires.

Update: I was right, Peter at /film has already broken the clues down by city, and I was wrong about Columbus… Off to the Wexner Center!

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