Who Was The Most Lethal James Bond?

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Diamonds might be forever, but the foes of James Bond certainly are not as long-lasting. If there’s one thing we know for sure about the famed 007 – and we know a lot of things – it’s that he has never been afraid to put his “License to Kill” to good use.

But it begs the question: Which James Bond has been the most lethal?

This new infographic from Costume Supercenter explores some statistics about the franchise, which sees its 24th official installment heading to theaters today with Spectre. It explores Bond from numerous angles, including box office, alcohol consumption, frequency of female companionship and even a fun little tidbit about the Goldeneye video game.

It’s that last little stat that is one of the most interesting, however. Unless Daniel Craig’s Bond kills off 80+ people in Spectre, he will go down as the third (or perhaps fourth) most lethal Bond. Which is interesting, as his films have felt absolutely brutal. Then again, he does a lot more killing with his hands. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, who sits comfortably atop the list, one did a chase scene with a tank. Those 90s, it was a far more recklessly violent time.

Here’s the full infographic:

James Bond

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