‘White House Down’ Gets the Epic 4-Minute Trailer Treatment

White House Down

Finally, a film that hopefully answers life’s greatest questions, including but not limited to “why is there a rocket launcher in the presidential limousine?” With this new 4-minute trailer, Roland Emmerich’s White House Down seems intent to solidify its place at the top of Summer 2013’s Most Ridiculous Summer Movies list. Consider that achievement unlocked.

There’s a bit more setup in this trailer, most of which we’ve seen before. Channing Tatum stars as John McClane Cale, a former military hero with aspirations of joining the Secret Service. He’s even bringing his daughter along for the interview. The only trouble is that he picked a very bad day to visit the White House. A landscape of cyber-terrorism, inside job-level explosions and massive anti-establishment government takeover explodes around him, leaving him no choice but to team up with the President (Jamie Foxx) and have the year’s most ridiculous buddy action movie romp. All this and more is promised in the new trailer.

Lets watch together as the cinematic king of mass destruction brings his White House Down:

What’s not to love?

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