‘Wheelman’ Trailer: Frank Grillo Will Protect His Family

Why can’t a man just do his job as a getaway driver without getting into trouble?
By  · Published on October 9th, 2017

Why can’t a man just do his job as a getaway driver without getting into trouble?

Netflix has been successful with their television shows for a long time now, but their original movies have been more hit or miss. From the looks of it, Wheelman looks to be your typical second-tier movie with a capable actor like Frank Grillo in the lead. According to our Fantastic Fest review of the film though, Wheelman will be more than worth your time.

Wheelman stars Grillo, as an unnamed Boston getaway driver. During his job, he receives a phone call giving him an ultimatum: ditch his crew and deliver the money elsewhere or his family will suffer. What makes this different than typical getaway movies of this ilk (think Baby Driver), is that Wheelman solely takes place in Grillo’s car. All the events take place during one evening where Grillo must get around town and solve his problems. What instantly came to mind was the Tom Hardy film Locke from a few years ago. Wheelman expands on that formula a little bit by having action taking place inside the vehicle as well, including Grillo shoot up some enemies from the comfort of his car.

Our review says that Wheelmandelivers perhaps the most well-rounded narrative we’ve seen to-date from a Netflix genre film.” That is extremely high praise for what just looks like a typical genre film on paper. Make sure to give Wheelman a spin when it releases on October 20th.

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