What Happens When German Film Fans Swede 70 Movies in Under 10 Minutes

By  · Published on April 28th, 2014


I have no idea why these begeisterte cinephiles did this (it might have been for some kind of contest sponsored by Hyundai), but I’m glad they did.

Not just glad because the sight of classic slashers lackadaisically chasing someone through a parking garage is hilarious, and not just glad because of how they blended When Harry Met Sally and Alien, but also glad on a fundamental level that something this wacky and joyous exists.

Plus, it’s an impressive amount of sweded movies shoved into a small span of time.

I lose it at “I’ll hev vat she’s heving.” Sweet perfection, nicht wahr?

There’s some beautiful inventiveness here among the chaos, and I also love how it features a movie fan being surrounded by famous movies, engulfed by them and becoming a part of them. It’s a nice touch.

Although I will never understand why the German guy can’t do a good Schwarzenegger. Or why the guy who sounds Austrian enough to do a good Schwarzenegger is asking us to say hello to his little friend.

Those pressing questions aside, this is a very funny jog through cinema history.

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