What Did You Watch This Weekend?

By  · Published on April 28th, 2014

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The Weekend Watch is an open thread where you can share what you’ve recently watched, offer suggestions on movies and TV shows we should check out (or warnings about stuff to avoid), and discover queue-filling goodies from other FSR readers.

The comments section awaits. I’ll get the ball rolling with the movies/TV my eyeballs took in this weekend.

I began my weekend with a re-watch of an early ’80s slasher that I last saw over a decade ago. If you’ve seen Sleepaway Camp you know there are several reasons to watch it a second time, from the goofy dialogue and performances to the wonderfully bizarre ending, but Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray adds yet another. The image is a beautiful 4k restoration, and the new interviews/commentary add some extra fun. That said, the best part of the re-watch was sharing it with my girlfriend who’s not into horror films at all. She laughed and shook her head in disbelief throughout, and it was glorious.

The Wages of Fear is a brilliant piece of cinema that loses nothing from being over half a century old, but I never got around to seeing William Friedkin’s 1977 remake, Sorcerer, until this weekend. The wait was well worth it as the film is its own fantastic creation. The Tangerine Dream score adds to the beauty of it all just as Friedkin’s wise choice to go music-free during some of the more suspenseful scenes adds to the tension. And I love the hell out of that final crane shot too.

My complete thoughts on the latest episode of Orphan Black are here, so I’ll only add that it once again confirms this show as the most entertaining Canadian export since Michael J. Fox. That’s right. It’s even better than Rookie Blue.

The latest Hannibal also kept up its usually high standard of quality with a story-line that payed homage to Brotherhood of the Wolf while also deepening the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. The addition of Katharine Isabelle to the cast is never a bad idea, and I can’t be the only one excited at the prospect of Michael Pitt’s upcoming portrayal of Mason Verger right?

What did you watch this weekend?

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