What Did You Watch This Weekend?

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2014


The Weekend Watch is an open thread where you can share what you’ve recently watched, offer suggestions on movies and TV shows we should check out (or warnings about stuff to avoid) and discover queue-filling goodies from other FSR readers.

The comments section awaits. I’ll get the ball rolling with the movies/TV my eyeballs took in this weekend.

I’m at Fantastic Fest this weekend, so all of my movie watching has been focused on fest titles. It’s been more of a mixed bag this year than expected, and so far my favorite films playing here are still a handful of ones I saw previously elsewhere including Blind, The Babadook and No Man’s Land.

I’ve seen some strong contenders though this weekend including the new one from the boys at Astron-6, The Editor. It’s an over the top homage to Italian horror and giallo films, and it’s loaded with nudity, gore and laughs. Seriously, it’s damn funny both in its numerous visual gags and its sharply comedic script. It’s not a comedy for everyone though as their sensibilities are a bit, well, Canadian. The only downside to the movie is the presence of Paz de la Huerta, but not even her talent void can hurt the loving zaniness on display.

I also watched (and loved) a repertory screening of Alan Parker’s kid-loaded musical, Bugsy Malone. I’d seen it before, but it had been decades, and I’m happy to say the film is still a lot of fun. Paul Williams’ songs are catchy, the script is funny and the cream pie machine guns are as fantastically fun as I recalled.

The Treatment is a Belgian thriller based on a book by Mo Hayder that follows a detective on the trail of a twisted child abductor. There are some generic actions and script issues early on, but the final thirty minutes of this thing power through with a gloriously demented reveal of the bad guy’s m.o. It’s easily the most fucked up killer behavior I’ve seen since Seven.

Metaphorical STDs get the supernatural treatment in It Follows, and the result is a surprisingly creepy and creative horror film. Some super shoddy effects work damage things some, but the script and an abundance of scary scenes make it a must see all the same.

I’m far less enamored with the highly praised Ukrainian sign language film The Tribe, the new Nacho Vigalondo thriller Open Windows and the sequel (of sorts) to The Town That Dreaded Sundown called The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

What did you watch this weekend?

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