Wesley Snipes Back in Action in ‘Game of Death’


Don’t call it a comeback for Wesley Snipes and director Abel Ferrara, they’ve been here for years. Of course, it’s been a long time since they’ve been at the top of their games – notably in 1990, when they teamed up to deliver the cult hit King of New York.

Since then they’ve chosen different paths. Snipes went on to become a major action star of the 90s (and beyond) with films such as Passenger 57, The Fan and the Blade trilogy. He’s been off his game since about 2005 due to some off-camera tax problems. Ferrara, on the other hand, has been off his game for much longer than that. He followed King of New York with several solid efforst over the next four years, including Bad Lieutenent, a not quite awesome horror remake Bodysnatchers and the Harvel Keitel and Madonna led pic Dangerous Game. But he’s been far from the spotlight ever since. Perhaps a reunion with Snipes will be what he needs to regain some momentum.

The story of Game of Death will revolve around Snipes’ character, a politician’s bodyguard who must fend off five of the world’s top assassins. Grindhouse star Zoe Bell and Stargate: Atlantis’ Robert Davi will co-star.

The film, which will begin shooting in Detroit this week, was written by James Agnew, whose only major credit is as James Spader’s assistant on the film Slow Burn. Not exactly a confidence-builder, but we’ll see what happens.

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