Wes Craven Open to Directing ‘Scream 4’


One of the sequels that’s all but flown under the radar around here is the continuation of the Scream franchise. Even though I loved the original film and, slightly less and less, the sequels, I can’t get excited one way or another about it. There might be something wrong with me, but I don’t even have the passion against the project to make fun of it. They could either be made or shelved, and my life would basically go on the same.

Nevertheless, I do think it’s important that Wes Craven hasn’t shut the door completely to directing another installment.

We know that Kevin Williamson is working on another draft for Scream 4 that should be ready soonishly, and that he’s scoping for 5 and 6 as well. Now, according to Firstshowing.net, there’s confirmation from Craven himself that David Arquette and Courtney Cox-Arquette are all but locked for appearances in the forthcoming installment. And everyone else will be new.

No Neve Cambell. No that other girl. No that one guy who was also in that other movie. And no Jerry O’Connell.

But the most important factor is Craven himself who has been talking to Bob Weinstein saying that he was neither closed nor open to the idea of directing. I’m going to roll my eyes at that logical fallacy and default to that meaning that he isn’t completely opposed to it. He already has a decent presence within the production as, at minimum, a supervisor and creative consultant so when the time comes to choose someone for the helm, he’ll definitely have his shot at saying yes.

But I think that’s a bad idea, and here’s why.

Wes Craven has been in the business for a really long time, and he’s definitely a talented presence, but this is a golden opportunity to take a franchise that reinvented and helped relaunch horror to the sarcastic generation and give the reigns to upcoming new blood. It’s a chance for Craven to start legacy building by introducing the world to a young talent that he’s taken under his wing. I’m not sure if that person exists out there, but if Craven can find the right person for the job, it would be a fantastic idea.

And we haven’t even touched the question of whether these sequels should be made in the first place. Is there really much fresh material? Or is it important that Scream also go the way of I Know What You Did Last Summer?

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