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The Wild and Wacky Set Designs of Wes Anderson

By  · Published on April 20th, 2017

A before-and-after look at the director’s meticulous productions.

The cinematic worlds of Wes Anderson are rich with minute detail and innovative design, they’re like life-sized playsets for adults, and they lend to his films not only a unique visual distinction, but also a lighthearted theatricality. Anderson doesn’t just direct his films, he crafts them from the ground up, starting with meticulous illustrations that he then hands over to set designers to realize in three dimensions.

In the latest comparative montage from Candice Drouet, Anderson’s set design finds itself in the spotlight. Drouet has paired pictures from Anderson’s various productions with screencaps of the final results, allowing you to appreciate just how much work goes into making the director’s seamless, fluid, and uniquely quirky worlds. In a cinematic landscape that’s largely computer generated, it’s refreshing to see the practical lengths to which Anderson and crew will go to in order to distinguish their work from that of the herd.

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