The Weepies: A History of Sadness In Cinema

By  · Published on October 5th, 2017

Affecting scenes from the very beginning.

No art form monopolizes any one emotion. That would be crazy. Just as paintings don’t encompass awe or melancholy, movies don’t simply drive up adrenaline with their effects and flashing lights. We know this on some primal level, but we’re still likely to separate media into hierarchies of feeling. Movies, for some, are at the top level with the most complex range.

Crying at the movies may ask you to connect fewer unique mental dots as crying at a song or a book, thanks to the available cues in the medium, but the impact it has can be even more powerful for the same reasons.

Editor Abi Gol asked a large international sample about the saddest scene in cinema, then collected their answers in a moving supercut.

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