Weekend Warrior: Spidey tries to Hold Off Another Infection

Last week we saw Spider-Man (Peter Parker to his friends) catch a little bit of the dancing fever. In his flurry of Saturday Night Fever-esque pelvic thrusts, he and his film Spider-Man 3 proceeded to stomp all over some box office records. Let’s count them up:

  1. Widest Release Ever: 4,252 Theaters, over 10,000 Screens
  2. Highest Gross on a Single Day: $59.8 million on Friday
  3. Fastest Film to $100 million
  4. Highest Grossing IMAX Opening: $4.8 million at 84 theaters
  5. Highest Opening Weekend Gross Ever: $151.1 million

Did I miss any? But while Spider-Man 3 smoked the rest of the competition last week, it wasn’t a big surprise to anyone in the biz. Combining limited competition with an expensive marketing campaign and a mammoth release was a perfect formula for success, making the folks at Sony the smartest people in the room… At least for now. This week Spidey and friends will come up against a somewhat stronger resistance in the form of Lindsay Lohan’s breasts and the rage virus, two things that have both been known to cause the deaths of entire civilizations. It will also have to contend with losing an entire demographic of red-blooded, flag waiving “Gitterdone!” Americans to another Larry the Cable Guy schlockfest. I can just see them now, those Execs over at Sony, sitting on their piles of money, shaking in their booties…

But enough of that, lets run down the releases for May 11, 2007:

28 Weeks Later…
[R, 99 minutes, View Trailer]
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo not only has one of the more entertaining names in the movie business, he was also hand-picked by Danny Boyle to make the follow up film to Boyle’s runaway viral sensation, 28 Days Later. With 28 Weeks Later, Fresnadillo has made a film that is more intense and frightening than the first, but it is also significantly more polished. The enhanced production values may be a turn-off to die-hard fans of the original, but it may play well with everyone else. Either way, if you are looking to break away from goofy comic-book heroes and see a movie that will scare your pants off, look no further.  (Full Review)

Risk Factor: Mild. Those with weak stomachs need not apply. Fans of the first must also beware, this isn’t Danny Boyle’s film, just close enough.

Georgia Rule
[R, 113 minutes, View Trailer]
Despite my affection for watching Lindsay Lohan in any state of undress, I was surely ready to skip Georgia Rule sheerly based on the plethora of other options on my plate this week. Then I noticed that the film scored an R rating for sexual content and some language. That could, by itself, be reason enough to see this film. Then I remembered that not only is Lindsay Lohan a pretty terrible actress, but she doesn’t really do nude scenes. Bummer. I guess I will have to stick to perusing the web for pictures of her doing coke and dancing on the bar of some random L.A. nightclub…

Risk Factor: High. Despite the hotness factor of Ms. Lohan, this film looks like an easy pass on a weekend with so much else to see.

Delta Farce
[PG-13, 90 minutes, View Trailer]
I believe Kevin Carr said it best while we were recording this week’s episode of Fat Guys at the Movies when he said that he couldn’t imagine a world where a film like Delta Farce would get good reviews from critics. Of course, in the same breath he also went on to say that he would most likely enjoy the film. And you can too, if you enjoy all that Larry the Cable Guy and some watered down redneck humor have to offer. Just like when fans went wild for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in The Condemned… Oh wait, that film tanked. As will this one when the constantly underestimated intelligence of the American populous takes over and goes to see people with a fictional virus eating each other instead…

Risk Factor: High. Let’s put it this way, you’ve been warned.

The Ex
[PG-13, 90 minutes, View Trailer]
Zach Braff returns to play the exact same character that he plays in all of his other films, just at a different stage in the character’s life. This time he is married to Amanda Peet, which is not too shabby, and they are about to have a baby. Everything seems perfect until he starts working along side one of his wife’s old friends, a wheel-chair ridden, cheerleading and well hung Jason Bateman. Bateman has a knack for stealing the show, and judging by the trailer that is exactly what he does in this one, which should make for an enjoyable time. Of all the releases this week, The Ex is probably the best choice if you are searching for a decent date flick.

Risk Factor: Low. Despite regurgitating the same character, Zach Braff has proven time and time again that he is pretty damn funny… Oh, and did I mention that Jason Bateman is in this film?

Financial Outlook
There is no doubt in my mind that Spider-Man 3 will continue to dominate at the box office, at least for one more weekend until Shrek 3 hits next week. But there are a few movies coming out that are decent enough to chip away at Spidey’s earnings.28 Weeks should be a relief for horror fans fed up with torture porn, Delta Farce may succeed in making some of America less intelligent and as always, Lindsay Lohan is a good draw among the 13-18 male demographic. When it comes down to it, here is how I see them finishing the weekend:

  1. Spider-Man 3 (Sony) – $80 million
  2. 28 Weeks Later… (Fox Atomic) – $14 million

  3. Georgia Rule (Universal) – $8 million
  4. Disturbia (Dreamworks) – $4.75 million
  5. Delta Farce (Lionsgate) – $4.5 million

  6. Fracture (New Line) – $3 million
  7. The Invisible (Buena Vista) – $2.75 million
  8. Lucky You (Warner Bros.) – $2.4 million
  9. The Ex (MGM) – $2.2 million
  10. Hot Fuzz (Rogue Pictures) – $2 million

My personal pipe dream is to see Hot Fuzz stay in the Top 10, but that is iffy. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it NOW! As for my other predictions, if you think you can do better please feel free to do so in the comment area below…

Have a Great Weekend!