Weekend Discussion: The Great DVD Organization Debate

by David Baxter


I am moving flat in the coming week and one question has plagued me, so you dear readers may be able to provide the answer. How should I order my DVDs? Easy sounding sure, but in practice a logistical nightmare. Some background – in my current flat I was hindered by a lack of space necessitating a great amount of my DVDs to be under my bed, whilst the great and the good were squashed onto a shelf. Then came Blu-rays, which turned my ‘University’ shelf into my ‘Blu-ray’ shelf pretty quickly. But now I will have all of my shiny discs in one place, hopefully in some semblance of order.

The first, most obvious, solution is alphabetical. A simple A through Z would make it easy to find anything and everything, but it would also put the ill advised American Pie 4-play box set at the forefront of my collection along with no less than three Adam Sandler ‘comedies’. Not that these should be hidden, I’m very proud of my whole collection (well apart from Pledge This! starring Paris Hilton that was bought at 5 in the AM under the influence of alcohol) but maybe they shouldn’t be leading the pack when casual visitors try to assess my tastes.

So possibly I should go for ordering by genre. Still simple to find what I’m in the mood for and allows for me to have a ‘shit’ genre in which to hide my indiscretions. But wait, what genre is Fight Club? Drama? Comedy? So what genres do I allow? Too many and it’s scattershot, but too few and picking one over t’other becomes a crapshoot.

All tough decisions and that’s just the start. Should Blu-ray be integrated or separate? Should I have a TV section or can they mingle? Too many questions, too few answers.

How do you organize your DVD collection?

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