Wedding Crashers

Release Date: January 3, 2006

Do you believe in love at first site? It is safe to say that John Beckwith didn’t. Until of course, he met Claire Cleary. But only two problems arise when John and Claire’s paths cross: His dedication to the craft of being a Wedding Crasher and Claire’s testosterone exuding, egomaniac boyfriend Sack. But John decides to push through the obstacles and drag fellow Crasher Jeremy Grey on a journey to the world of a high society nuptials and a weekend with Treasury Secretary William Cleary and his eccentric family. It all leads to a challenge that these two experienced womanizers have never faced before in their history of Crashing Weddings.

The Film
John Beckwith, played by Owen Wilson, and Jeremy Grey, played by Vince Vaughn, are two long time friends who have perfected their craft of crashing weddings. And business is good. That is until they attend the wedding of one of the daughters of Secretary William Cleary, played by the ingenuous Christopher Walken. The tale, written by newcomers Steve Faber and Bob Fisher, takes us on the journey as John pursues Cleary daughter Claire, played by Rachel McAdams, even though she is all but endowed to boyfriend Sack, played by the eccentric Bradley Cooper. But while John’s situation provides all of the “love story” element necessary to make this a romantic comedy, the lurid situation between Vaughn’s Jeremy and other Cleary daughter Gloria, played by Isla Fisher makes for all the comic relief to keep the audience at the verge of having a laughter induced bladder related breakdown. The combination of Wilson, Vaughn, and the entire cast of characters in the Cleary household made this one of the funniest and most entertaining films of 2005. Oh and did I mention the amazing cameo by Old School brother Will Ferrell?

The Extras
If you thought this film couldn’t get any better when you saw it in theaters, think again my friend. The “Uncorked Edition” unleashes a plethora of hilarious extras to all but put this DVD on the top of your “most watched” list. With 8 1/2 more minutes of footage added, including a near romantic rendezvous between Jeremy and Grandma Cleary and added character development for Secretary Cleary’s off-key son Todd. The DVD also includes two separate commentaries, one by Director David Dobkin and another extremely hilarious one by actors Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, which only further displays the fusion of comedic genius that made Wedding Crashers an instant classic. The “Uncorked Edition” also includes plenty of deleted scenes, made for TV featurettes, and even a complete listing of The Rules of Wedding Crashing. Enough to keep you busy for hours on end…

The Delivery
The film is presented in it’s original 2.35:1 Aspect ratio and is also available in a full screen format. It’s solid cinematography is displayed well on any television or theater setup. The Dolby 5.1 Surround mix is nominal. In a film where dialogue and physical comedy carry the weight, there is no real need for anything more. But I will say that for their credit, whomever mixed the sound did a good job mixing the background music into all 5 speakers, something that is rarely seen in movies from the comedy genre.

The Final Cut
Some will say that this was just another Frat Pack film that has only a very targeted audience (18-30 yr. old males who enjoy penis humor.) But Wedding Crashers is so much more. It is a comedy that breaks down the generational gaps and finally shows the true range of Vince Vaughn. The supporting cast, especially the lovely yet insane character played by Isla Fisher give this movie an extremely high watchability index… Which basically signifies that you could watch it over and over and over, and it never seems to fail to make you laugh so hard it hurts. If Wedding Crashers is not in your collection, then it may be time for a lifestyle assessment and some changes.

The Upside: This film is still hilarious. And they made it longer…

The Downside: Not enough of Christopher Walken. His talent was remarkably underused in this opus.

On the Side: Rule #95. Catholic weddings– the classic dilemma: painfully long ceremony – horny girls.

Grade: A


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