We Always Knew Russell Brand Was a Dirty Pirate

Russell Brand Could Be Jack Sparrow's Brother

The web is full of casting rumors, but you already knew that. Yet, just because there are tons of rumors, that doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t fun — as well, there are those that actually make sense. Like this one, which comes to us from the folks at Cinema Blend. They are saying that their ‘proven informant’ has some sweet information on the development of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Their scoop includes the possibility of Tim Burton directing instead of Gore Verbinski — a rumor that we’re not buying until we get an official announcement.

The fun, and reasonable, part of the scoop report that we do like is the fact that the fourth Pirates film might include an appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow’s (Johnny Depp) long lost brother. And what two Brit actors do they have in mind to play pirate Keith Richards’ other son? None other than Sacha Baron Cohen and Russell Brand. This potentially could confirm a long-running theory that I have personally held — that Russell Brand is, in fact, a real life Pirate. Having met the man and seen how he sort of meanders around the Earth in a drunken fashion, I have long thought that he is Captain Jack Sparrow incarnate. Anyone who has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall might agree that Brand would be a natural fit. Then again, as would Sacha Baron Cohen — think of his character in Sweeney Todd, but more piratey. Wait, I have a thought — what if Captain Jack had two brothers? That could be fun.

Alas, these could all be silly rumors, but they sure are fun to talk about. Of course, we will continue to work the street corners in Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment world in an attempt to get some more information on Pirates 4.

What do you think of Russell Brand or Sacha Baron Cohen playing Jack Sparrow’s brother?

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