Wayne Kramer Jumps Into the Hyper Violence of ‘Kane and Lynch’

This week, video game adaptations are a big topic with the release of Prince of Persia. As history has shown us, many of them do not pan out – for some reason, the two mediums seem to conflict on a narrative level. Mostly because it seems that Hollywood producers don’t understand what makes some games interesting. That’s not the case with the forthcoming adaptation of Kane and Lynch. From what I’ve heard, Millennium Pictures has all the right ideas for the Bruce Willis and Jaime Foxx led actioner. It will be stylish and ultra-violent, just like the video game.

And until this week, they appeared to be all set with a director in former stunt coordinator Simon Crane. But according to a new report from Latino Review, that has changed. And now Millennium is looking to Running Scared director Wayne Kramer to pick up the project, which is due to shoot later this year. It’s a fitting choice, as Kramer captured some serious insanity with Running Scared that would fit perfectly with the expected tone of Kane and Lynch.

I don’t know about you, but this project just got more interesting.

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