[watch] When Worlds Collide: Bruce Wayne Vs. The World


Ever wonder what the brooding mythos and angst-fueled vengeance of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy would look like cast in the comic-book-video-game aesthetics of Edgar Wright’s adaptation of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD? Of course you haven’t, those are two of the most incongruent examples of contemporary cinema that most of us can think of. But guess what? Like pickles and ice cream, whiskey and eggs, and Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, sometimes things it seems like should never go together end up forming a beautiful synergy.

Case in point: the following mashup BRUCE WAYNE VS THE WORLD which merges exactly what you think it does with exactly what else you think it does. It’s the brainchild of YouTuber Inventor Headquarters and it is a lesson in deft editing, because not only have the aesthetics of Wright’s film been applied to Nolan’s, the way this fake trailer is cut also transmits the atmosphere and tone of the former film to the latter. No word on what Nolan thinks of this, but Wright gave it his seal of approval with a retweet, which is how we found it, so thanks Edgar!

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