Watch: ‘Sight’ Brilliantly Shows Off How Dangerous Google Glasses Might Be

By  · Published on August 10th, 2012

Why Watch? By looking into the future that combines Google glasses, our app addiction and a cranial connection to the information superhighway, the team behind Sight has made something that stands out miles above its peers. In it, a program built right into the eyes delivers games and information directly into the visual field – something that one young man takes advantage of while out with a reluctant date.

The look is sharp – evoking a world where there’s no need for decorations because white space is needed for in-eye displays, but the real reason it works is that there’s a brain to go with the story’s beauty. It’s a terrifying one, questioning a dependence on technology and showcasing what our lack of control might mean. It’s as coy as a lamb to the slaughter, with a version of ourselves thrust into a future that comes with cool convenience and unimpeded danger.

This is short filmmaking at its best.

Hat tip to our own Brian Salisbury for sending it my way.

What will it cost you? Only 6 minutes.

Skip work. Watch more short films.

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