[watch] Scenes V Moments in ‘BATMAN V SUPERMAN’

Speaking plainly, a lot of people really didn’t care for BATMAN V SUPERMAN (the theatrical version, at least, the R rated version is more cohesive film), and when leveling complaints, what you’re going to hear harped about most often is the film’s tone. Enter The Nerdwriter, who doesn’t think this is why the film failed to captivate audiences the way, say, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR did. No, it’s something he believes is endemic to director Zack Snyder’s overall filmmaking: the simple fact that Snyder doesn’t build his films out of scenes as much as he builds them out of moments. The Marvel films have stories that stretch across several films and franchises. They are building a universe where moments aren’t isolated set-pieces, they are the force that drives the narrative. BvS had “moments” that were good, but when the rest of the film fails to work, those “moments” ring painfully hollow. Our advice? Stick with the R rated version for a much, much better film.

Here’s Thee Nerdwriter with more.

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