George Lucas is kinda sorta responsible for Pixar. See, when HOWARD THE DUCK, which he produced, flopped so famously at the box office, Lucas had to sell off some assets to cover his losses. One of those assets was a small animation studio that was taken off his hands by his friend Steve Jobs – he was in the computer industry – who turned it into Pixar. Fast-forward 20 years and Disney purchased Pixar for several billion dollars then turned it into the household name and money-printing machine it is today.

Disney got into the George Lucas business again, more directly this time, when they purchased the rights to the STAR WARS universe in 2012 for another few billion. And though it seems unlikely these two biggest subsidiaries of the Mouse House – Pixar and Lucasfilm – will ever directly collaborate on a canonical feature, thanks to the wonderful world of fan mashups we can now get a glimpse at what that dream team could look like.

What we’ve got for you here is a video from The Darth Blender YouTube channel that has taken dialogue from the existing ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY trailers and laid it over clips from various Pixar films. Merida from BRAVE becomes Jyn Erso, Wall-E steps in as the new droid voiced by Alan Tudyk, K-2SO, Syndrome from THE INCREDIBLES is the big-bad Orson Krennic, played by Ben Mendelsohn in the real flick, and the dreaded Emperor Zurg, nemesis of TOY STORY’s Buzz Lightyear has become Darth Vader.

This is another example of mindnumbingly stellar editing, as this stops feeling like a mashup about four seconds in and starts feeling like a film all its own, and one that we’d probably all camp out in line to see.

The real ROGUE ONE opens December 16th, 2016.

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