For an action star, Bruce Willis sure does snooze a lot on screen. No, really, there are a ton of movies that feature Bruce Willis as waking from a deep sleep. Sometimes he wakes up happy, sometimes he wakes up grumpy, sometimes he wakes up angry, sometimes he wakes up funny. It’s like an anti-climactic Dr. Seuss book: BRUCE IN BED FROM A TO Z.

However, since Dr. Seuss died around the time DIE HARD 2 was released, he never got to experience the full fruition of Bruce’s career as a sleep model, so instead we’re left with this oddly amusing supercut from Adrien Iffrig, a.k.a. Dizasky who has collected all the various scenes of Bruce exiting hibernation in major motion pictures and woven them into a kind of GROUNDHOG-DAY-esque montage that reveals the softer side of this rough-and-tumble action hero, or at least the sleepier side.

BRUCE WILLIS wakes up in movies SUPERCUT from Adrien Iffrig (Dizasky) on Vimeo.

Contains video clips from:
-Twelve Monkeys (1995)
-Blind Date (1987)
-Color Of Night (1994)
-Death Becomes Her (1992)
-Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)
-Hudson Hawk (1991)
-Last Man Standing (1996)
-Mercury Rising (1998)
-Pulp Fiction (1994)
-Sin City (2005)
-The Last Boy Scout (1991)
-The Bonfire Of The Vanities (1990)
-The Fifth Element (1997)
-The Kid (2000)
-Unbreakable (2000)
“Get Up Offa That Thing” is performed by James Brown

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