What is it about watching footage in reverse that is so fascinating? Is it how it makes ordinary, dismissible movements odd and jerky? Is it how it contorts faces into expressions we’ve never seen? Is how it reveals the moving parts of a scene? Or is it because watching fights, explosions, and other action going backwards is just cool?

I don’t know either, but I do know that this supercut of just that – myriad clips from modern movies played in reverse – is damn good fun. It was created by somersetVII and it is appropriately set to the Soulwax remix of Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II” off their album THE SUBURBS; like Soulwax’s, this visual remix is peppy, quick-paced, vibrant, and kinda makes you want to dance, but backwards, like that Little Man in TWIN PEAKS, who does not make this cut, because reversed he’d actually be dancing forward. But that’s a rabbit hole for another time. For now, enjoy.

Reversal Revisited from somersetVII on Vimeo.

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