The BBC’s SHERLOCK is one of the most intelligently-designed shows on TV right now. In addition to genius-level folds of plot and masterfully mind-bending narratives, in addition to the rich and nuanced characterization that comes to a boil slowly and flavorfully, even the aesthetics of the show demonstrate a razor-sharp acumen honed on the art of visual storytelling.

By frequently employing symmetrical framing and one-point perspective, the directors of SHERLOCK instill senses of balance, of order, and indeed of logic without filming a word of dialogue or a single action. It is a subtle technique to be sure, but when compiled together – as in this video from Celia Gomez – these scenes’ importance and in fact their necessity becomes startlingly obvious.

SHERLOCK: The Art of Symmetry from Celia Gómez on Vimeo.

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