Watch: Marilyn Manson in Quentin Dupieux’s ‘Wrong Cops’

By  · Published on May 28th, 2012

Why Watch? Seeing Rubber was a highlight of 2010. Quentin Dupieux proved his fierce, uncompromising imagination and a flare for nihilism which made the strange journey of a murderous tire ingenious. His follow-up was Wrong, which hit festivals a while back, but he’s now premiered a short at Cannes that’s not a sequel. He’s just lazy with titles.

Wrong Cops, hilarious in its towering self-confident commitment, features the kind of sleazebag authority figure that would make Harvey Keitel smile.

Just kidding. Harvey Keitel never smiles. Still, this short is like exploring a place you’ve been before and finding something different. Insane and wondrous, it also asks a profound philosophical question that demands several minutes of contemplation: does Marilyn Manson want a picture of your dick?

What will it cost? Only 13 minutes.

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