[watch] Inspired By: References to Movies from the 70s & 80s in ‘STRANGER THINGS’


If you’re not watching STRANGER THINGS on Netflix right now, I suggest you stop doing everything you’re currently doing, including reading this sentence, and go lock yourself in your apartment or house until you have. Now that you’re back, you probably noticed the show’s throwback vibe. Not only is it set in the 1980s, but there are a ton of references to that decade’s greatest films. Pitched to executives as “dark Amblin,” the show combines the absolute best of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and movies like STAND BY ME, GOONIES, THE MONSTER SQUAD and more. Seriously, I couldn’t give this show higher praise if I invented my own language to do it. And yeah, I’m a child of the 80’s so there’s a special sort of nostalgia in this for people like me, but anyone who loved being a kid, hanging out with friends and doing nothing but being kids, anyone who loved the world when it was more unknown than known, and anyone who loves spine-tingling, pulse-pounding, smart, funny, and heartwarming adventure stories should have STRANGER THINGS at the top of their list. Plus, Winona Ryder. She’s Hollywood gold and it’s far past time people start remembering that.

I knew it was only a matter a time before this particular video popped up, but even I am a little surprised it happened so quick and so thoroughly. The subject is 70’s & 80’s film references in STRANGER THINGS and Ulysse Thevenon is the editor who put scenes from the show side-by-side with their cinematic inspirations. Warning though: in case for some reason you ignored my instructions above and read this far without seeing the 1st season in its entirety, there be spoilers ahead. For the rest of us, enjoy this most-worthy addendum to the best new show of the summer, maybe the year.

References to 70–80’s movies in Stranger Things from Ulysse Thevenon on Vimeo.

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