Part of the reason for the cultish success of Bryan Fuller’s HANNIBAL television series – as well as the praise of Mads Mikkelson’s unique take on the character – was how more so than the films in which Dr. Lecter appeared, the episodic series applied elements of Gothic romance to the narrative, positing Hannibal and Will Graham as more than nemeses, more than opposing sides of the same coin even, but as lovers of a sort that while not physically intimate were so in ways stronger and more binding.

In the following brilliant, haunting and high-brow video essay from Lori Morimoto entitled “Empathy for the Devil: Revisioning the Monster Through Gothic Romance,” HANNIBAL’s connections to the genre are established, especially as personified through passages taken from THINGS AS THEY ARE by William Godwin and JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte. Teaming these passages with scenes and dialogue form the series, Morimoto repositions HANNIBAL in an even loftier league than it previous occupied, and peels apart the flesh of it to grant us a better look at its insides.

Empathy for the Devil from Lori Morimoto on Vimeo.

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