Something’s always after Tom Cruise, or at least that’s how it seems as nearly every movie he’s been in features a prominent sequence in which he books ass across the screen. And it’s not just any run. It’s eyes-wide-open, teeth clenched, arms and legs pumping like the pistons on alien spacecraft, the kind of run that says you really, really, really have to get where you’re going. I call it the “Taco Bell Trot,” but I think that reveals more about me than it does Mr. Cruise.

In the latest supercut from Burger Fiction, the impassioned sprints of Tom Cruise from over the course of his entire career on-screen have been collected and cinematically sewn together into the most heart-pumping clip you’ll see all week. How much could there possibly be? you might ask. 18 minutes and 50 seconds’ worth, that’s how much. So technically, if you run along to the video, you’ll get most of your recommended cardio for the day. That’s right, Burger Fiction has inadvertently made the greatest workout video ever. Lace up and press play.

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