[watch] Bosom Buddies: ‘STRANGER THINGS’ as an 80s Sitcom


There are two types of media geeks today: those talking about the disaster that is SUICIDE SQUAD, and those positing what a second season of STRANGER THINGS could look like. I’m the second type, if only because hating a movie is a waste of energy.

So while all those in my camp are wondering how the Duffer Brothers can repeat the dark success of their first season, I’m thinking maybe they should go another direction altogether. Instead of concentrating the second season on another round of distilled 80s horror references, why not turn this ship 180 degrees and sail her into comedic waters? But this can’t be just any comedy. It can only be a canned 80s sitcom, complete with a rollicking intro theme from the King of Rollicking Intro Themes, the one and only Randy Frickin’ Newman.

You may not be immediately on board with this idea, but I think once you wrap your mind around it, you might just agree. To help with that, check out a hypothetical intro for STRANGER THINGS the sitcom as created by Tim Bennett and set to the buoyant and sunshiny sounds of Randy Newman. It’s a spot-on recreation of the era and its media, and it will have you longing for a break between interdimensional monsters so these kids can just be kids.

STRANGER THINGS season 2: coming to a TGIF near you…

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