There are some pretty WTF moments in Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING, in fact, it’s a film that’s pretty much made of such moments, from the creepy twin girls to the elevators belching blood to the naked and decomposing chick in the bathtub of room 237. But out of all the record-scratch moments in THE SHINING, there’s one I think most of us can agree stands out a little more than the others: the guy in the bear costume with an open butt flap fellating a distinguished gentleman in tails.

The scene comes after Jack’s snapped for good and is chasing his wife around The Overlook with an axe. Wendy, in her flight, climbs the stairs and for one brief, insane and unsettling moment, she – and we – see the two men in their odd entanglement. And that’s it. Wendy runs off and we never see the men again, nor is there anything by means of an explanation for their appearance other than, this is a freaky hotel full of dead folks doing weird stuff.

So who are these guys? In the following video from Screen Prism, all is revealed. Turns out that though Kubrick famously revised much of Stephen King’s novel, to King’s initial chagrin, there were still some very subtle things he left in, including these guys. Check out the video for the full story, and the next time you’re watching THE SHINING with friends and everyone shrugs in disbelief and confusion at the supernatural blowjob scene, wow them with your insider knowledge.

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