Though it is certainly an FX-laden film – Oscar nominated, in fact – MAD MAX: FURY ROAD isn’t dependent on visual effects for its adrenaline-fueled success; that’s owed to the film’s energy, the chaos created by every character in every scene, by the perpetually-hostile landscape and the ravenous cacophony of coughing engines, and by the very pulse of the narrative, in constant cardiac arrest.

It is, in short, the physicality of FURY ROAD that makes it so incredible, and even the effects attest to that, as the majority are practical in nature. To support this point, check out this video from ESPORTS TV which takes raw footage from the production and mixes it with pre-production VFX tests and behind-the-scenes footage to reveal how MAD MAX: FURY ROAD would have looked without the benefit of special effects. The result is an even more-apocalyptic universe, a dirtier, cruder, crankier, and some might say purer version of Miller’s film.

To be clear, this isn’t meant to besmirch the efforts of the film’s VFX artists, not at all. In fact, the video simultaneously generates an appreciation for the bells and whistles added to the raw footage by revealing just how much they augment the final product. Everybody’s sharing the spotlight in this one.

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